Free Range Folk's sound comes from years of singing and picking together around the fire at 14 Acre Farm and in their studio in Jim Thorpe PA. “Free range folk” is how the band originally described their sound, and because of their interests they felt it was a good name for the band as well.

Free Range Folk is a rustic down-home band with an energy that can go from laid-back country back porch picking, to dreamy campfire music, to full on rock and roll.


Eamon Murray (The Underground Rainbows) has been performing as a solo artist for the past fifteen years in addition to playing guitar in bands such as The Foolz and Wandering Root. His large repertoire of music includes both original songs as well as covers with musical influences that range from punk, funk, alternative, bluegrass, with a touch of his own experimental improvisation. He utilizes musical loops that he creates in order to bring a full sound to his solo performances. In addition to his own children, Eamon welcomes youngsters to come up and jam with him on percussion instruments that he provides so that everyone can share in the groove. Eamon has been an active musical participant in the Earth Day celebration in Jim Thorpe since 2006.


Magic Stew is a cauldron of groovin' feel good vibes served to you; Hot, Heavy, & Thick! Ready to keep you on your feet till the break of dawn!

The Senile Delinquints are a classic rock band like no other infusing their love of old school rock & roll  with their adulation of the jam band scene. With influences like the Beatles, The Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin  they are sure to keep your toes tapping and the taps flowing.

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Learn all about butterflies with Mari, the Butterfly Lady . Fun, interactive program with live butterflies.

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We're here for good music.  

Simple. Easy. Enough said. The Pocono & West End area playing Rock, Country, Pop & all in between!


Michelle Gallagher is a renowned Intuitive that has mentored with James Van Praagh, studied with Martin Twycross and called upon internationally for a decade.

Michelle’s passion is teaching people to get to a place of inner peace through action be it through Kundalini yoga or through multiple forms of meditation.

"Eric Szollosy is an eclectically styled upright bassist and vocalist whos material spans a range of eras and genres. A hard-driving rhythmic picazzo player who loves to pluck out danceable grooves while wailing away. Always a small-room favorite."

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Three wise-crackin’, wild women laying down sweet and seductive sonorous siren-songs. An acoustic arrangement of original songs and covers to fill your heart and smash the patriarchy..  Kim White: Guitar, VocalsDenege Smith: Ukelele, Fiddle, Accordian, Vocals Dee Dasher: Flute, Vocals.


Multi media artist Kevin Smith will be sharing some original acoustic tunes from his newly created indie music project based in Tamaqua PA.  A fusion of folk, jam and melodic hooks to keep you moving and grooving. Kevin operates an Art Studio and Collaboration Makerspace in Tamaqua PA called WagonWorks, and also hosts an open mic, first friday of every month at Hope and Coffee in Tamaqua.


Timplitic is a husband and wife acoustic duo that provides music and fun from the  60s, 70s, 80s, 90s into the 2000s. We encourage crowd participation with our vast array of percussion instruments, and  sing alongs for a fun entertaining experience.  Shelley Jaye singing lead vocals melodious voice with her inspiration drawn from Janis Joplin, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, and Linda Ortega. Her Claim to fame is that she can channel Janice for an outstanding A Capella version of MERCEDES BENZ.

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Twin Hill is an Acoustic Flute Folk Jazz Duo from the hills of Mt. Pisgah, Jim Thorpe, PA. Specializing in Conscious Flute and Harmonica Rhythms, the duo brings the mellow sounds of morning dew and the steady pulse of small town nightlife.



The Keystone Drifters are a collaboration of Roots, reggae, and psychedelic rock, based in the Lehigh Valley. With Aaron Guldin on Guitar, Jake Klotzman Bass, vocals, Brett Posivak Drums, vocals, Kate Wilgruber - Vocals, Matt Wermuth  Keys, trombone, harmonica & TJ Zellers Guitar, vocals


George Parr is a musicial journeyman. He is a songwriter who released his first studio album in 2019! Check out Bats Dogs and Lions on all major music apps

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Mosey Beat is a progressive funk rock group bringing high energy dance grooves, mellow waves, and classic rock and roll to create a new fusion of sound. The New Jersey-based power trio was formed in 2012. Their original music has gained momentum in the NEPA area with their unique live show and improvised jams.





Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, singer-songwriter, Mike Pilgermayer discovered his love of music at a young age with his first guitar teacher John Oates of Hall and Oates. Mike was part of various bands and spent many nights “jamming" with fellow musicians and playing gigs. After attending Combs Music College, his talent for both songwriting and collaborating with other artists gave him the opportunity to continue to strengthen his craft over the years. Rock, Jazz and Funk all played a part in shaping his music. In 2007, he released his album Settle & Rush with his band SoulQ followed by a solo album Cresting Hills in 2011. After taking an early retirement from Verizon in 2010, Mike pursued music full time and averages over 150 shows each year. A talented and original songwriter, Mike weaves moments and memories into melodies that are both beautiful and powerful. Off the heels of Jonatha Brooke’s songwriting workshop in Nashville, Mike announced the Fall 2017 release of his latest album,

St. Victory, a true passion project come to life.

I've been writing songs for 7years, and playing guitar for 5years. I've always listened to all genres of music, so I've always written songs in all genres. I have recently been writing allot of folk and older styled pop. The songs I've compiled are the best of each album I've written.

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Philly  based DJ Bohfunk brings a unique and funky all vinyl mix to each show. His musical direction and style focus directly on Funk and Soul from the early 1970s to present. Can't wait to get funky in park!

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Four Lehigh Valley musicians reinterpreting the music of The Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia band. Feating members from AGT, Stray Seeds and Mason Wilson Line.  Tim Burke: Keyboards , Vocals Corey Stradzl : Drums, Vocals Asa Wilson: Guitar, Vocals TJ Duddy : Bass, Vocals

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I began keeping bees in 2012 working for commercial migratory beekeepers in New York and South Carolina. It quickly became a passion and more than a job because it merged environmentalism, farming, science and traveling. I began bartering my employers a couple of days labor for beehives which I brought home to Pennsylvania and started keeping my own bees and raising local queen bees acclimated to our local environment. I was not keen on some of the practices of big commercial beekeeping outfits using antibiotics and pesticides to deal with the pests and pathogens so I began learning organic management techniques to keep healthy and productive bees on my own. I continued working off and on for a few different commercial outfits until I settled in managing Wild Mountain Apiaries in Cold Springs New York living half the year outside Utica NY and half in Manning South Carolina. I did that for 14 months until I decided to leave commercial beekeeping to come home and take a position working part time for PennState on honeybee research and begin to grow my own bee farm in Pennsylvania, GreenWay Apiaries and started my own bee club Organic Beekeepers of Pennsylvania. I produce honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis and queen bees. I have a teaching apiary at Stonehenge Gardens in Tamaqua and mentor new beekeepers.

I loose my self in the flow of music, at the same time expressing what I see and feel from the music, the audience and the energy of it all coming together. That is, in a nutshell, how I got where I am today, addicted to painting live music.

~ Sean Poole ~


Jon has been the drummer for Dakini since the band formed in 1999. He is a singer/songwriter and plays a variety of instruments.

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