Free Range Folk's sound comes from years of singing and picking together around the fire at 14 Acre Farm and in their studio in Jim Thorpe PA. “Free range folk” is how the band originally described their sound, and because of their interests they felt it was a good name for the band as well.


Free Range Folk is a rustic down-home band with an energy that can go from laid-back country back porch picking, to dreamy campfire music, to full on rock and roll.


Eamon Murray has been performing as a solo artist for the past fifteen years in addition to playing guitar in bands such as The Foolz and Wandering Root. His large repertoire of music includes both original songs as well as covers with musical influences that range from punk, funk, alternative, bluegrass, with a touch of his own experimental improvisation. He utilizes musical loops that he creates in order to bring a full sound to his solo performances. In addition to his own children, Eamon welcomes youngsters to come up and jam with him on percussion instruments that he provides so that everyone can share in the groove. Eamon has been an active musical participant in the Earth Day celebration in Jim Thorpe since 2006.

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Dave Matsinko has been making music for most of his life. Dave is a  accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, in addition to guitar and trumpet, Dave also plays banjo, mountain dulcimer, penny whistle, bass, mandolin, and fiddle. He has studied old time banjo with Tom Druckenmiller and has been influenced by the dulcimer playing of Bing Futch, Don Pedi and Stephen Seifert.

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Matt Filer is a solo act, acoustic and harmonica, and lives in Jim Thorpe, PA.  Mostly original, bluesy folk, depending on the direction of the wind.


Damian Walk is a acoustic soloist and songwriter who is following my lifetime dream of performing music and entertaining to all who enjoy live, raw acoustic guitar with powerful, articulate vocals.  He has been playing & singing since the ripe age of 7.  He learned to read and sing music and was playing trombone with marching and orchestral bands as well as Jazz bands till picking up the guitar as he turned 13 and never looking back.  Damian has been playing professionally since he was 16 in local establishments as well as concert halls and numerous private shows throughout the 30 years of his musical venture.  His latest move to becoming a soloist has only pushed my abilities higher and has given me the drive to explore many genres of music starting from the 60’s and taking him into the most modern of styles and unique sounds.  His love for the acoustic guitar has flourished in the past 5-6 years and really helped him define his direction as a musician & singer.  With many years of cover styles and performances behind his chops, he is now in the writing stage of his life and look forward to sharing all his original work as well as all the great cover music that has been popular throughout the many decades of his life.  Please make sure to set a day or an evening aside to come join Damian and his guitar as he penetrates your ears with acoustic music that is sure to have you wanting more…


Magic Stew is a cauldron of groovin' feel good vibes served to you; Hot, Heavy, & Thick! Ready to keep you on your feet till the break of dawn!

The Senile Delinquints are a classic rock band like no other infusing their love of old school rock & roll  with their adulation of the jam band scene. With influences like the Beatles, The Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin  they are sure to keep your toes tapping and the taps flowing.

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The JP Williams Blues Band performs electric and acoustic BLUES Chicago & Delta style music in numerous solo and group configurations in Northeastern PA.  SMA Best Blues Band of the year 2016.

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The Appalachian Gypsy Tribe sound transcends the spectrum of music from one end to the next. Their creative songwriting touches down on multiple genres before soaring off again on a psychedelic sound craft. The musicianship has been building for years, and now it has come together as Appalachian Gypsy Tribe.


The band began playing together in July of 2012. Since then, AGT has exploded into Pennsylvania venues and festivals; gaining momentum and expanding their family base with a wide range of music styling and infectious songwriting. With each song, AGT brings a fresh and new atmosphere to the table. Their compositions are carefully layered with thick harmonies, intricate musical movements, deep rooted stories, and uplifting lyrics. Improvisation moves one song into the next,

leaving a surprise around every corner.

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Hatter is an Indie band with a vintage vibe, based out of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. This three piece band plays primarily original material, but is known to occasionally throw in some surprising covers. The band consists of George Parr on guitar and vocals, Tony Kalbarzyck on bass, and Jordan Marsh on drums. Hatter is currently preparing to record their first studio album, in the summer of 2018.

Crufeli Mission statement: We aspire to inspire others, with our performing and teaching, to exercise their creativity and celebrate what makes them unique. We continuously strive to learn and better ourselves as both individuals and as a troupe and fearlessly fill our lives with memorable moments of pride, joy, accomplishment, and love. We are confident and proud to be "freaks"

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Learn all about butterflies with Mari, the Butterfly Lady . Fun, interactive program with live butterflies.

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We're here for good music.  Simple. Easy.

Enough said. The Pocono & West End area playing Rock, Country, Pop & all in between!

Charismatic artist and multi-instrumentalist Brett Andrew is no stranger behind the scene. He cut his teeth as a working performer throughout regional venues in the northeast while honing his skills as a studio engineer, producer, and entrepreneur. He'd partnered with a friend and built a 24 track recording studio and production company, working with some very talented aspiring and established artists. He was adopted into Robert Randolph's Family Band, and spent five years sharing the stage with some of the greatest musicians and entertainers out there. From studio sessions to international tours and the late night shows - you could almost say he's done it all. Now, Brett has returned to where it all began and has brought together a band of his own, serving up a cocktail of original music and select covers with a base of soul, a splash of funk, and a dash of reggae, blended with some country-twanging, gritty-pickin' Rock and Roll.

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Michelle Gallagher is a renowned Intuitive that has mentored with James Van Praagh, studied with Martin Twycross and called upon internationally for a decade.


Michelle’s passion is teaching people to get to a place of inner peace through action be it through Kundalini yoga or through multiple forms of meditation.


Join Kevin Smith from Stonehedge Gardens as he presents an introduction to Permaculture and how it can be utilized and effectively applied in our projects, our community and our world.  Learn about the fundamental principles of design and templates that can be used in your everyday life.


Kevin Smith is a local Permaculture Practitioner and artist. He is the Co-Director of Stonehedge Gardens developing ongoing workshops, events and festivals focused on Permaculture, the Arts and healthy living. Check out for upcoming events.


Mycenea is a songwriter who likes to sing about life and all of its beautiful, confusing, inspiring, heart-wrenching adventures.


Clayton, Tommy & Dee are an acoustical musical trio featuring Clayton on guitar, harmonica and vocals, Tommy on guitar and vocals and Dee on Flute. Playing mostly songs from the late 60's and 70's and some newer music as well they bring a fresh feel to some of your favorite tunes.